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Month in review - November

· 2 min read
Josh Wong
Content Strategist & Technical Writer

This month-in-review post is a digest of topics that I don't cover in dedicated blog posts.

  • Aunt and uncle visited Tokyo
  • Configured a custom domain

Aunt and uncle visited Tokyo

For the first time since December 2019, I saw family in person! Coincidentally, my aunt and uncle who visited this November were the last relatives I saw in person in December 2019.

We had a heckuva two weeks, going to various places and trying out some new food spots. To get away from Tokyo for a bit, we went to a couple spots: Nikko and Kamakura.

Short trip to Nikko

Nikko is an amazing spot to check out in the fall when the leaves change color. We got the about a week after peak leaf-changing season, but the sights of the foliage was still perfect.

Gate inside of Toshogu

A gate inside of Toshogu

As we strolled around the area, which is serene yet a two-hour ride from Tokyo, I could envision myself living there when I want some peace and quiet.

Mid-color foliage changing

Mid-color foliage changing

Day trip to Kamakura

I forget how close Kamakura is to Tokyo. My aunt wanted to visit Kamakura, so I happily obliged and took another day off work to show her and my uncle around.

I hadn't been to the giant Buddha statue in at least 16 years, so visiting the area again was a nice stroll down memory lane.

Giant Buddha statue (daibutsu) in Kamakura

Giant Buddha statue (daibutsu) in Kamakura

Configured a custom domain

I bought a domain and am actually using it! Below is my reason for choosing this particular domain, which is also currently on my About page:

I like the hex color #080f53, which is dark blue-violet.

Also, finding unique domain names is hard😅

After I configured GitHub Pages to use, I restructured the site to focus on my blog. I've got some more tweaking to do, but I'll apply those minor changes as time permits.